Providing the tools to succeed in business

The idea stems from questions echoed by our First Nations membership on the topic of community economic development, “How can we better support our community entrepreneurs and businesses?” To begin building our economic footprint, we must promote our entrepreneurs and businesses that are creating this footprint. How do we do this? By providing accessible business support tools and systems like this directory to help our entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.

Information about the Business Directory

The Southern First Nations Secretariat Business Directory is an economic empowerment tool for our First Nations entrepreneurs and business owners. Designed with the sole purpose of helping businesses build their online business presence; the directory is free and open to all SFNS affiliated First Nation communities.

What does this directory do for me?

The directory performs two major functions. First, it’s a tool that can capture the business presence in our communities, which is really important to know. Second, and this is the most important part, it’s a smart business tool designed to attract new business from perspective online customers.

Branding your business is good business sense

As a member, you are listed in the directory and its branding and advertising opportunities are open to you. We recognize that every business, organization, and entrepreneur has a purpose and a mission to succeed. One of the purposes of this directory is to help you become known in your community and make important connections with potential consumers or clients that you need to reach. As a member of the directory, we help you get your business connected.

Getting your business seen by thousands of potential customers daily

Recent business consumer reports indicate a significant percentage of consumers are more likely to purchase goods and services from businesses they know. Getting your business in front of potential clients is important to your bottom line. For entrepreneurs and businesses alike, one major challenge is to get noticed by new customers using online technologies. This business directory will make that job easy so that you can focus on what is most important – your business.

building your bottom line, building our economy.

A strong business climate and economy stem from many businesses and communities working together, sharing a common goal. The directory works diligently to build business relationships within all aspects of our communities – Councils, businesses, community groups and organizations to help our First Nations continue to advance together.