Amplify your online business presence

Today, First Nations businesses of all sizes and industries are establishing a successful online presence.

Improve your local community visibility

When you shop at small independent First Nations-owned businesses, 65% of what you spend will stay in that community.

Strengthen your online business reputation

Your reputation is perhaps your greatest asset in your business. It’s a wise decision take advantage of marketing your business online.

Support local organizations and services

Behind the success of every First Nation organization and service provider is the support of the people that they serve.

Invest in your business branding, tap into a bigger market

Increase your business brand awareness and profitablity

When you list your business on the SFNS Business Directory, you increase the chances and the number of ways that potential consumers can discover your business. Especially consumers looking to support First Nations business. The more small business brand awareness you have for your business, the better your chances of selling your products and services and making a profit.

Creating your online business presence can pay off

Benefits of using business directory listings

Unlike dedicated websites, business directory listings are easy to create and manage. They don’t require any special website skills, making it an affordable and efficient way of boosting your business identity. This is especially important for consumers that use their mobile devices for looking up business information. Another great advantage for First Nations entrepreneurs and startups is it’s free to use.

25 Million $

Our First Nation community businesses generate millions annually across the region.


Estimated number of small, mid-sized, and large First Nations businesses in southwestern Ontario.


Estimated business transactions per day in our First Nations communities.


Number of Indigenous businesses across Canada that are strengthening their communities.

Filling out the listing is fast, easy, and free for community members

Are you ready to create your business listing?

Before you begin, make sure to grab a coffee, latte, or tea and set aside about 20-30 minutes. It’s time to get creative! Be sure to add as much information into your business description as you want. It’s your business – show your potential customers why it’s awesome!